Sunday, January 27

Um... hi!

It looks like my neighbor blogger, Deb, gets a lot of visitors. And many of you were kind enough to stop by! I regret that I don't have something wise or witty or crunchy to share... all I have to offer these days is a look at my dear family and some other seemingly random pictures.

But thank you for dropping in! You're welcome to return, though I make no content guarantees. ;)


  1. I wandered on over, and I enjoys reading your blog! You have a wonderful family!

  2. I was pretty amazed when my daily Site Meter count started going over a hundred. Yes, I get a lot of visitors, and I don't know why.

    But Heidi, I am in awe of your life. Your adoption of three young kids who needed you, your move to this northern climate, you list of what you canned last year!!! Wow. You do have a lot to share, and I am grateful you are part of the blogosphere.

  3. Yeah, I was really amazed to find out I get over a hundred hits a day, some from strange searchers but many who read my ramblings daily. I have gotten to be friends with a few, including Laura from Saskatchewan who is coming to hear my musician friend Fred's band, The Whistlepigs, play their CD release concert this weekend in St. Paul.

    Anyway, it's amazing where this blogging thing leads, even when it leads to your own community. :)