Saturday, January 5

Toby's back (dangit!)

Yeah, sorry to keep ruining you guy's's lives and eating all your steak, but I was requested to put a writing assignment on the www. I was given some sentences and told to improve them to make a good story.

"As Bill was walking his dog through previously unseen territory, he found an old man by a rocky stream, jumping up and down mourning the loss of his 'precious'. When Bill asked for the scoop on the 'precious' situation, the starving Hungarian monk replied that the bridge had disappeared and he had no shelter now,and to make things worse, a 2004 Chevy Silverado with Z 71 offroad packet had sped across where the bridge had been and landed on a school of crappie, the starving Hungarian monk's primary source of food. This made Bill feel sorry for him, so he said, "I might know where this bridge is." The starving Hungarian monk made it clear to Bill that he would do anything Bill asked if he found the bridge. So Bill devised a plan to make this old man eat a good dinner if he found the bridge. He told the starving Hungarian monk his plan, which, after a pause and some vertical and horizontal slashing motions on his chest, the old man accepted."

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