Monday, January 14

A peek in my window

It seems, from the look of the sidebar, I've been so busy reading and birdwatching that I haven't had time to post. 2008 is off to a wonderful start, indeed. I had more bloodwork done, and found out my numbers have improved respectably. I've already made appointments for myself with the doctor and dietitian, and all the kids will be seeing the dentist later this month. Maybe later this week I'll be brave enough to get my new driver's license and make a hair appointment, too.

School has been going very well this month. We now officially have another reader in the family -- just one more to go! Toby is studying Latin, Lynae is progressing on the violin. Neither is nearly as impressive as it looks in type. This may be why I've been so busy reading and birdwatching.

We are still working on Christmas thank you notes. I just took cards down yesterday. If we hit a lull here, I may yet post pictures of the kids' adorable gingerbread houses. Just as I typed that, Miss Grace came to show me her wonderfully supposed-to-be clean teeth (minus one) and moisturized face (and hair). I should be cherishing the sweet silliness of my last 5yo. I think I'll go grab some snuggle time with her, after wiping some lotion off, of course.


  1. In my mind I've planted a kiss on that moistured forehead of Gracie's. Gotta love her!

  2. How'd you like She Got Up Off the Couch? Had you read Kimmel's first book, A Girl Named Zippy? (I think that's the title.)


  3. I enjoyed it, but haven't read A Girl Named Zippy. She kept reminding me of you, Julie.

  4. Awwwww! She is so sweet. :)

    Birdwatching! Ahhhh - perfect way to spend 5 minutes or three hours. Tee hee hee!