Saturday, January 5

Today was an exciting day

I went to Isle today for the MTA mid winter meeting. When I got there, I went and saw how to make a weasel box, and when they were done, they gave me a weasel box, a trap, and some weasel lure. (Pretty cool huh?)

Then I set out to go sell my weasel skins. Did I mention I caught 2 weasels? I got $5 each, so now I was saving money, making money, and all I had to worry about was lunch. Yes, lunch. See, Lynae packed me a really awesome lunch, but in my hurry, I forgot to get it on my way out the door. So I had to pay $1.75 for the worst sloppy joe sandwich of all time.

Then there was an auction. I didn't have a ton of cash, but Mr. M said he would get me a good deal on some 110 conibears. He bought me 8 110 conibears, and then some people found out I was his student, and so a bunch of other people started giving me traps. In all, I received 22 traps at the meeting, and Mr. M also gave me 3 weasel stretchers.

I talked to Mr. R about setting 110s for mink, since I had plenty at this point. He told me how and where to set them, and he told me he has a book on trapping mink and will let me look at it. (These people are so neat.)

I also got some raffle tickets to sell, and if anyone is interested, I can sell you some with pleasure, because if I sell enough, they'll give me free stuff. (More traps.)
OK, the tickets are $1 each, and the prizes are:

G.P. 2008 Polaris Sportsman 500 auto 4x4 ATV
1st. Custom made fur jacket or stroller
2nd. Browning Silver Hunter 3 1/2" semi auto 12 Ga.
3rd. Browning A Bolt NRA edition 243 cal.
4th. Marlin 45/70 stainless steel guide gun
5th. Compound bow: parker, buckhunter w/sights, quiver,rest, hard case
6th. Weatherby vanguard varmint 22-250 bolt
7th. Mossberg silver reserve0/u 28 Ga.
8th. Ruger m-77 bolt action .243 cal.
9th. Knight vision hardwood camo black powder 50 cal.
10th. Benelli nova max 4 camo. 12 Ga. pump
11th.H&R excel semi auto 12 Ga.
12th. Stevens model 200 rifle
13th. Henry lever action .22 cal.
14th. Marlin 917.17 HMR
15th. Ruger 10-22 semi auto
16th. Custom made fishing rod, walleye or muskie, your choice.
17th. New England pardner pump12 Ga.
18th. Henry U.S. survival rifle .22 cal.
19th. Cricket youth (pink) .22 cal.
20-24th. $100 gift certificates to Gander Mtn.
25-29th. Browning fixed blade hunting knives w/ leather display case.

I don't know what most of that stuff is, but it sounds pretty cool. The drawing is going to be on August 2, 2008, so no hurry. Don't worry, I have plenty of tickets to sell.

Tonight we're having rabbit stew with two of the SYHs.

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