Wednesday, January 23


You know a book's got potential when the first sentence reads as follows:

Evelyn was an insomniac so when they say she died in her sleep, you have to question that.
So far it's a bit more something than I tend to enjoy reading anymore, but we'll see. And I believe that sentence lacks a comma, but want to trust the English major. So again, we'll see.

ETA: Salacious. That's what it is. Halfway through, I just had to stop. But it sure did have potential.


  1. ROFL!! What a great beginning line.

    I wish I could read a book. For longer than 5 minutes and not get distracted. And not have my mind wander.

    See, I even had to break up my response here so as not to forget what I was orginally attempting to say.

    Ha ha ha!

  2. How cool! says this about the audio version of this book:

    Listen to this when you're heading to MINNESOTA....

  3. So now you know what you must do, Robin... I'll be here!

  4. Evelyn was my favorite character, so her death really saddened me, even though she was dead from the start of the book. (By the way, I am aspiring to live my live like Evelyn, just so's ya know)

  5. I figured that, especially since she was a forager in the vegetable crisper.

    Alas, I got halfway through the book and had to stop. Were his stories so salacious in the 70's?