Saturday, January 19

Blogger is now available in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian!

Yeah, that's the news. Real exciting, huh? Man, I can really take advantage of that, especially if I can speak or read in any of those languages. But I can't, so I'll talk about stuff I know.

Um, since I last posted I've caught 2 more weasels. One got caught in a coon set and was alive when I got there, so I had to kill it. I wasn't afraid of killing it, I was just afraid of it. See, he wasn't afraid of killing me, and he really intended to. He thought he stood a chance, so he tried to mutilate my hand more than once. But yours truly has amazing reflexes (or did when faced with the possibility of getting bitten by an angry weasel, anyway), and so I did not get hurt. The other one got caught in a weasel box at an apparently excellent location (2nd weasel caught there). Unfortunately, I had to move that weasel box onto higher ground today, and I will tell you why...

See, there is a beautiful creek in town, and it is full of mink, coon, and weasel activity, so obviously it was where I wanted my traps set. And in the summer and fall, it looks so pristine and natural, and you would never guess it's full of stuff we won't mention by name. Oh yes, but the mink, coon, and weasels don't give a flyin' muskrat's butt what kind of creek it is, so I set some traps there. Well, this morning, the culvert with my weasel box in it had steam coming out either end, and on further inspection (looking in the culvert), there was a 1 1/2 inch deep layer of green, thick, smelly, warm stuff on top of the ice. I was not overjoyed to see this, and had to move my weasel box higher on the bank.

I have learned to play some more new songs on my guitar. I can now play "Everything Glorious" (David Crowder band), "Made to Love" (Toby Mac), and "Thrive" (Newsboys). I'll have to put some of these songs on video and put them on the www.

Alvin is coming along very well; he is trained to alert his master at the sounds of the phone, door knock, name call, fire alarm, and the stove timer, as well as picking up anything that gets dropped by accident. He's pretty much ready to go, and soon we will just be working with Annie, an Australian Shepherd who needs a refresher course.

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