Tuesday, January 22

I think today is a home day

11 = The number of stitches we bought with our latest ER co-pay

10 = The number of units of insulin I started on yesterday

9 = The age of our latest stitchee

8 = How many dollars (and how many cents) I spent on myself at Subway in 24 hours

7 = Hours I slept between visits to the health care facility

6 = Gallons of gas I used for the two trips

5 = Children who have been wonderful throughout the chaos

4 = Children who have been stitched or stapled at some point

3 = Days until stitches can be removed

2 = Medications I no longer have to take

1 = God who has overseen this whole thing


  1. I can't tell you how much I love you.

  2. You deserve a quiet day at home after all that!

    I'm guessing you go to Gateway at ML. You may have even run into my husband if you were there Monday morning. As for stitches and the ER...been there, done that. They're pretty good.

  3. Deb, you guessed right. I'm grateful not to have been there when your DH was, simply because I'm spending too much time there.

    Mom... thanks. :-)