Wednesday, January 23

Accounting error

Not many things stress me out more easily than money. Or, to be more specific, the appearance of my mishandling of it. (sigh)

It is becoming increasingly common for me to think we are flat broke, only to find that I've entered a transaction in the records more than once. I would expect that such a discovery would fill me with relief. But no, instead I could just cry for all the unnecessary stress I've caused myself and whatever habit I seem to be developing which is making it more common. (sigh)

On the other hand, now we can keep paying the medical bills. Whippee.


  1. Sending a HONKIN' tub of Calgon your way ASAP. Large bubbles and care-free suds included.

  2. (((((Heidi))))), I am so glad it was an error in your favor! But I get why one might cry in that situation.