Tuesday, September 25

Went fishing the other day

I didn't catch anything with my expensive lures. Dad caught a nice big crappie on his Swedish Pimple, but I didn't catch anything. Why did I give him the Swedish Pimple? Why didn't I keep that for myself? (Because it was his birthday gift.) I'm gonna have to get myself one. Or a bunch. They are really nice lures.

I called for my correspondence course today. I'm gonna get all the stuff I need to teach myself about trapping. Then, if I pass the test, I will go to Palisade and have my 8 hour infield instruction with a pro, and then I can trap on my land by myself.

It looks like I will be doing some hunting this fall. I talked to a hunter a few days ago about grouse hunting, and he agreed to take Lynae and me hunting after the leaves fall. I'm excited.

I need a Swedish Pimple. You guys can all get me a Swedish Pimple for Christmas. Don't bother with the Pro King. Those aren't so nice. Never caught anything on my Pro King lure. Maybe that's because it looks like a squid. Anyway, you can also get me a bag of Zoom lures, the ones that are like little green plastic lizards, cuz bass love 'em. And while we're here, let me advertise for the Cajun Line, which is red, casts very smoothly, and turns invisible in water. I love it!

Sorry this post is so darn boring. I am bored just watching myself type, or doing anything else. "I think it's all the stress in my life. I'm 31 years old and I still don't have a girlfriend, I'm about to lose my job, and my car is making this 'hickonk hickonk' noise." No, that's not it either. I could put up with that. I don't know what my deal is.

Lynae and I cut up apples last night. Mom is making them into apple butter. I was the Quality Assurance guy this time, so we may be able to give some of this batch as gifts. (Last time, Lynae and Mike did it, and despite Mom's diligence, the apple butter may still contain some extra protein.)

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