Saturday, September 1

State Fair Revisited

Mom already told y'all 'bout the canoe. However, she did not tell you that we went swimming the other day (or did she? I didn't really check), but that was fun. She also didn't tell you that I didn't do so great on my health test the other day, awesome mother that she is. I think I'll avoid that topic now.

We didn't go to the big midway at the state fair, 'cus we didn't bring $50,000 with us. Just as well. Grace was the only one who wanted to go there. "Hey Toby, you and I should go on that thing there! The one that goes way up high!" I politely but honestly replied, "No, Grace. I'd die."

The FFA barn was cool. We saw a couple of lambs, and a calf, and a movie showing a cow giving birth, which was very interesting.

I would like to inform the world at this time that I shot that great picture of Mom and Lynae eating the battered potatoes. I did that. Give it up for Toby, a world famous meteorologist and a great photographer!

The girls were really excited about going on a Ferris wheel. I however, was scared to death. That all reversed when we got on the Ferris wheel. At the very moment we started going high into the air, and were high enough to see that Advil pavilion we had been searching for all day, I lost all my fear of the dreaded Ferris wheel and joined the dark side, while the girls realized what a terrible mistake they had made. I began to shake the seat and make jokes and poke my head out, and say "Oh my gosh, the seat is about to break!". Mom was not amused. Not by a country mile. Neither were the sisters. They missed out on the enjoyment of some clean, family-friendly entertainment, and that's their loss. Not mine. Oh no, not mine.

We saw the state's largest boar, which was disgusto, and nasty, and an eyesore. He was so fat, he couldn't even open his eyes. But, the rest of the swine barn was very uncrowded and cooler than being outside, so we stayed there, away from the nasty boar, as long as we could. And I think we had a good time. Grace slapped a 260 pound gilt who, in a fit of fury, trampled on the lazy barrow she was sharing a sty with. Grace was amazed. She thought it was hilarious. I'm sure that the barrow would disagree, but Grace didn't ask him.

We inevitably got hungry on the way home and snacked away at Tobies until 1:00 am. Good times.


  1. What's a gilt?

    What's a barrow?

    What's a sty?

    Oh, never mind. I know that last one.


  2. A gilt is a female pig which has not yet been bred.

    A barrow is a male pig that has been castrated.