Saturday, September 1

On responsibility

Instead of dropping our work and heading to the lake, we did the right thing.

The back window is almost entirely scraped and sanded. (Not yet picture-worthy.)

All the ripe apples have been gathered.
Apples are being peeled, cored, and sliced as I type, on their way to becoming applesauce and maybe apple butter.
Dozens of ears of corn are being husked, on their way to the freezer.
School plans are being finalized, and books stacked in a meaningful way.
It occurs to me that the first week of school will fly by, leaving me torn at the end of the week between planning the second week and transplanting bulbs or picking apples or mowing or canoeing... I think I'm ready for fall vacation. But alas, I will take responsibility for my change of plans. We didn't (all) do school in July and August, so we cannot take September off this year.

At least the cooler nights mean we will sleep well and wake up refreshed, ready to pack a lot of living into each day.


  1. You are like the Queen of All Homemakers and I LOVE THAT KITCHEN FLOOR!

  2. The comment above was from me.