Wednesday, September 5

A real, live school day

Here's what we did before lunch:

Read and discussed Proverbs 5
Read Genesis 25 and 27
Lynae and Grace did some sorting
Jon, Michael and I reviewed addition, subtraction, equal, and unequal
Michael read two BOB books and did several phonics pages
Jon wrote a Bible verse and read Heidi
Grace practiced writing her name and numbers, then did some coloring
Lynae learned some words with Latin roots
Toby did lots of science and some Bible reading

So much more to do... after lunch and a nap!

What did your school day look like?


  1. Our "school day" looked like this:

    Blake went to work (a mowing gig at a shopping center) with Bruce, as he does once a week. Chelsea went to work, too. I had the day ALL TO MYSELF and cleaned out and reorganized some kitchen cabinets to make room for the jars of 'maters and graper juice that were sitting out on the counter. I also did laundry, baked cornbread (Jiffy), and made tortellini soup in the crockpot. I also talked to my mother on the phone. Now I will go put the clean sheets on the bed, take the hot rollers out of my hair, and put on my makeup because I have to be at work in 17 minutes. Yikes!


  2. I don't know if anyone noticed or looked or cares, but if you zoom in on that picture of me, you will see that in my lab write up, for my Data Collection, I am just writing "Lalalalala"

  3. You are so grounded, Tobe!!

    Our day was pretty similar to yours, Heidi. We kept busy in an academically productive sort of way for the most part. The big fella worked on MMM for what seemed like an eternity. Gabe and Dub went through their list o' stuff and got done in a reasonable amount of time.