Friday, September 14

All set for five years... maybe

The farmer who used to live here never thew anything away. He just stashed it all around the property. We have stacks of railroad ties with the metal pieces from the ends removed and hung neatly over a tree branch. We have pots and pans and refrigerators and barrels and pump handles and all sorts of stuff.

As obedient as my kids are (snort), they cannot resist the draw of these treasures, especially since they're to be found pretty much everywhere.

It seems the pot with one side missing worked just fine in the treehouse kitchen. But alas, Gracie cut her finger when she fell on it.

That seemed like just the right time to haul them all in for tetanus shots.

We caused quite a flurry of activity when we walked into the clinic! I guess in such a small town full of seniors, they don't get much action.

Believe me, as we prepared for our doctor visit, I recalled horror stories of homeschooling families with vaccine exemptions and their attempts to get relevant health care... I expected a stern lecture and some interesting questions. So I prayed, made peace with a few possible outcomes, and left it in God's hands.

He handled it beautifully. The nurse who was taken aback by our situation was considerate as we discussed vaccine options. No one checked the kids' bottoms for signs of spankings. No one called social services. And all the kids were polite and pleasant. I was amazed.

On the way out the door, Michael said (in his typical loud voice), "Now we can go play with more rusty metal!"

He even repeated it to his dad at the supper table. Only he then said I'd replied, "Maybe." That's how he interpreted my "I don't know about THAT." You see what I'm up against??

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  1. That is so funny!!! LOL His comment sounds more like a tongue in cheek comment you'd make, though.

    I'm glad the visit to the clinic went well. I know that's never the highlight of MY day.