Friday, September 21

I tend to forget

Two weeks ago, I locked my truck and promptly forgot the number code to unlock it. I tried several combinations before I was able to recall the right one. I've had this truck for five years and lock it all the time.

One week ago, I took the kids for tetanus shots. I had to call Toby from across the waiting room to come and confirm one of the kids' birth dates for me. I couldn't remember the month or the day.

Earlier this week, I filled out five identical papers at the eye doctor's office. Halfway through the last one, my mind went blank. I was staring at a paper with words on it which may as well have been in Chinese. It didn't matter that I'd just filled out four others the same way. Thankfully, I was able to figure it out, but not before I was caught looking really foolish.

Later that day, I used my debit card at Walmart like I do every week. But the cashier had to walk me through every step of it, because after each step I apparently thought I was done. Needing a stranger's help because my brain wouldn't work... that was embarrassing.

I forget stuff all the time at home, but there, no one outside the family has to look at my stacks and stashes of redundant lists or my backtracking or head scratching or hear me muttering about what I'm trying to recall. I take it much harder when I'm in public.

But then there was the time I was putting dishes away and forgot what went in the most convenient place in the cupboard... I tried and tried to think of what belonged there. When I couldn't remember, I decided that the cereal bowls would go well there, and gave that a try. But no, bowls go on the other shelf. I walked away and had a good cry. Someone then reminded me that that spot was reserved for the cute little plates we use at least once every day. The plates I'd just finished drying and stacking.

No wonder I'm content to be back in the area where I spent a huge chunk of my childhood. Many places I go, people I see... I remember.

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  1. RYC: You agreed with Bonzo, then he said he liked your comment. I was going to post that, since I know you both IRL, I could introduce you. Then I realized, wait a minute, I do NOT know Heidi in real life. It only seems like that after so many years!

    That just cracked me up! You are so real to me I forgot we've never actually met!