Saturday, September 1

Priorities, schmiorities!

It looks like the chickens may have to spend the winter huddling under a canoe. But it was a good deal, and it's been on our list of things to buy, and Loren said yes (although it may have been a bit underhanded of me to call him at the restaurant during the lunch rush on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend to get his approval... ya think?). Toby and Lynae are each part owners, which, as you can see, makes them very happy.

Do I need that comma after "owners"?

Should the question mark have gone inside the quotation marks?

It's too bad I've piled so much work on us for the rest of today. It may have to go unfinished while we head to the lake.

Lynae says I've had them do school at the beach before. Maybe we'll have to do it again.


  1. Cool! Enjoy your canoe and your chicks, you underhanded woman you!

    To answer your questions:

    Yes, I believe a comma is appropriate after "owners".

    In the UK, a question mark is paced inside the quotes, regardless of what sense it may or may not make. In the US, however, because the question mark modifies "do I need at comma" not "owners", the question mark goes outside the quotes. If you were quoting a question, you would need a question mark inside the quotes, but you don't in this situation. Or so I've read.

  2. Do I need an "l" in "placed"?

    Should there be a "t" in the word "a"?

  3. To our credit, at least we care. LOL

  4. You do care! And it is so glamorous of you both!