Friday, February 22

I didn't feel like having apple pie, so I'm here typing

With Manoah at my feet and a confused frontal lobe. During supper Dad was telling us about how to keep your frontal lobe in good health.

Oh, Thursday night I went to the pretty little town of Duluth to see Bill Staines at Amazing Grace bakery. He sang some songs we knew, and I got to talk to him. We didn't leave Duluth until about midnight, which is probably a good thing because I was laughing my fool head off for about 1o minutes while we were sitting in the parking lot of the gas station eating our supper, and I'm not sure Mom would be able to concentrate on the busy interstate with me laughing so hard.

We decided to eat at McDonald's in the drive through. Now, for some mysterious reason concealed to everyone except the eccentric contractor responsible for this project, there is a sign out on the main drag with an arrow saying to follow it to McD's, and it points to two different alleys. It doesn't specify which, and you can't tell which way you should go because of the high snow bank between them. But they both lead to the McDonald's drive through. Weird, huh? Anyway, I wasn't hungry so I asked for a strawberry shake. Mom wanted me to eat, so I explained that I wasn't hungry, and we compromised and I said that I would order a Big Mac, but I just wanted the Mac. Then we started talking about all the food that should be on the McDonald's menu, including the Mini Mac, the Slightly Downsized Mac, and the Mac. When we received our food, we headed across the street to the gas station to enjoy the food...
All these years I thought Mom just wasn't good at making jokes. No, I was wrong. She's plenty good at making jokes, but she saves them for when I'm tired. I was sitting in the passenger seat attempting to eat a Big Mac, and being thwarted in my every attempt. I mean, I was laughing so hard I choked on a piece of shredded lettuce.

I'll talk to you folks later when my frontal lobe is ready and I have another SYH and when the day is new.

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