Sunday, February 3

Escape of the Superbowl Widow

I took myself to a movie, and I let Miss Lynae tag along. I warned her that she'd better not drive me nuts, and she didn't. Whew! We grabbed a bite to eat, bought a puzzle book in case she decided she didn't want to watch the movie (thinking she could sit in the lobby... it's that kind of theater), and sat through a perfectly mediocre chick flick. Then we went for a sit down, relaxing sort of evening meal, bought giant muffins for the fam to enjoy in the morning, and headed home.

My darling husband is taping the new episode of House for me. He didn't tell me of any crises when I walked in, so I assume things went fine while I was gone. If they didn't, I don't want to know yet.

I think I'll sneak back out and watch for the northern lights.

1 comment:

  1. Did you see that 'dresses' movie? I've been hearing about it here and there. How special the time you are spending with Lynae, just you two. :)

    I saw the preview for that House episode. It looked very good.