Wednesday, February 6

Attack of the Killer Grouse

Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. Now you know who Toby gets it from.

Yesterday evening, I was supervising jumping jacks and a nap (as unlikely as that sounds), playing Pyramids, and wondering if I'd bother sharing the picture I took of the grouse who now visit daily outside my window. Suddenly, I heard a giant crash and thanked the Lord for this sturdy house of ours. A peek out my other window confirmed that a grouse had crashed into the house.

There are 4 in this picture. One is in the crab apple tree. You can hardly see it against the blue of the sky, just above the tree line. Because of their timing and my lack of skills, it seems unlikely I will get a GOOD picture of them.


  1. Note to self: New house landscaping will include a crab apple tree, but not too close to a big window!

    Funny, on Homesteading Today, a forum I lurk on, a woman was just talking about how a grouse (she called it a partridge) flew into and smashed the outer pane of an $800 window. Ouch. But they had it for dinner. :)

    I love that blue/pink northeast sky we get at sunset.

  2. Oh, I don't know. I think that's a pretty cool pic. :)