Friday, February 8

Fair weather resolution

I absolutely hate taking the dogs to the vet. Strange smells, unhappy sounds, unclear boundaries, and a barrage of additional products and services that I'd be sure to add on if I truly loved my pets. Imagine all that, plus PMS, plus finding out your dear dog who was overweight at 54 pounds has gained another 15 pounds in the past year. (Manoah lost 2 pounds.)

I admit it. I cried all the way home. No specific reason, just all of the above, and everything else, besides.

I'm getting big, itchy welts at my insulin injection sites. I haven't found relief for the itching yet. It's wearing on me. So is the constant high blood sugar and the agonizingly slow process of finding the right insulin dosage. The nurse came up with a solution for the itching -- a longer needle. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I think I've had PMS for the past 3 weeks now. NOT fair... to me or my loved ones.

So here's my fair weather resolution. India (my dear snuggle puppy) and I shall do what we must to get through the rest of snow season, and also the ugly part of mud season. This may include baths and chocolate and floral scents and snuggles and long rides in the truck, as appropriate. And then we will walk, whenever the weather is fair. We will love ourselves and each other and the fresh air and the earth under our feet and the birds and the flowers and whatever health we have. And we'll smile, and see who loses 15 pounds first.

Oh, and don't give up on me now. When I'm feeling a bit better, I'll post a picture of my new hair!


  1. So this was Friday that this took place? I ask because I feel the same way, especially about this:

    "... and a barrage of additional products and services that I'd be sure to add on if I truly loved my pets."

    I, too, cried all the way home from the vet. Yesterday, in fact. I'm sorry you went through that, but it is a mix of comfort and relief to know someone else went through that, too.

    I'm glad you were eventually won over to the dark, erm, the Indoor Dog side.

    Praying for your itchies, high blood sugar, and everlasting pms, and for God's mercy in all of it.


  2. I refrain from taking dogs to the vet, unless absolutely necessary. The last experience was with my male husky Togo, who had to be neutered as we have three female dogs of other breeds. He would hardly walk into the office, he had been an outside dog all his life!

    We go to Twin Pines at Askov. Not a lot of extras there. I had to take a cat there who had a life-ending blood clot, and they were great.

  3. (((Heidi)))

    I know what you mean about things we should buy if we truly loved our pets. We do well if we do the flea meds stuff 4 times in the spring and summer. I deworm them all once a year. One of our cats needs that more because, well, nevermind. It's pretty gross. lol

    I hate those guilty feelings. *sigh*

    But, we do love our pets, no matter what "They" say.