Monday, February 25

Have you ever read....

A book with an upside down page? Well don't feel bad if you haven't. Fact is, They're fairly rare, and although I've been reading for over half my life, I have only come across one. Here is my wonderful narration:

One day, a young lady by the name of Lynae went to the library. With card in hand, she set out across the parking lot, her blond hair flying around her beautiful face. A moment later, she stepped out of the library onto the sidewalk with a small red book. The cover had a pattern of black and white lines on the front and back, and on the end, in white letters, it read, "The Lost Queen of Egypt" and below that, "Lucile Morrison". The young lady climbed into a maroon vehicle and was off like a flash.

After several days of enjoyed on and off reading, Lynae had finally reached chapter 16. She picked up the book once more and plopped herself into a comfortable green recliner, turned on the lamp beside her, and began reading. After only 12 pages, she saw a most peculiar thing...the page was upside down. She blinked to make sure she wasn't dreaming, picked herself up, and brought the book to her mother's immediate attention. Shocked and amazed, her mother took a quick snapshot with her handy-dandy digital camera and they both started laughing.
Fortunately, I have gotten a hold of the photo to further your enjoyment, and shall post it right here.

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  1. "She picked up the book once more and plopped herself into a comfortable green recliner"
    What I want to know is, how did she get in my green recliner? LOL

    Oh, you never saw my favorite spot in the whole house - my Lazy Boy "Big Man" recliner.

    Hi Lynae! Emma says "Hello!"