Saturday, February 16

Chinese dinner

I'm not going for authentic, y'all. I'm just looking to satisfy this chronic craving for a decent Chinese meal. They simply don't have good Chinese restaurants, to my knowledge, in my neck of the woods. So I start with homemade egg rolls.

We chop, shred, and grate veggies.

Lynae really gets into this part.

We saute the onions, add the carrots, then the garlic...

Finally we add the cabbage and cook it down.

Lynae cooks up some chicken bits separately

We add them in, mix it up, and we're ready to put the egg rolls together!

I get out my package of handy-dandy egg roll wraps, found in the local produce section.

The yummy filling is placed across the middle of the wrap, laid diagonally in front of me.

A corn starch and water mixture is brushed around the edges so it will stick once it's rolled.

Fold the bottom over the filling

Fold the left and right corners to the middle, then finish rolling.

The egg rolls are now ready to be cooked!

Meanwhile, we employ our delightful servant, the rice cooker. I am not prejudiced against single-job appliances. Prior to owning a rice cooker, I often forgot to make rice to go with the other Chinese food. Unthinkable, I know! This also keeps our stove top free to prepare the rest of the meal.

With the rice cooker working hard across the kitchen, I can focus on cooking my egg rolls to perfection. Meanwhile, Lynae follows my myriad instructions behind the scenes, and the rest of the family tries to stay out of our way and wait patiently for dinner to be ready.

Once they're cooked, they drain and cool while I move on to the stir fry.

We cook up the marinated chicken in the wok

Add in two bags of frozen stir fry veggies (Convenience has its place. This is it.)

Slather it in garlic sauce

And recruit hubby to help serve it all up!

A delicious Chinese meal, and what's that? Chopsticks?

The boys catch on quickly.

Grace gets straight to the point.

Jon scarfs his down so he can read his fortune. "In being kind to others, you will receive kindness back." Sometimes it's easier to hear when it's not coming from Mom and Dad.

After many tries, Lynae figures it out. Good thing it's sticky rice!


  1. Now you've gone and made me hungry for Chinese food! It looks delicious!

  2. Wow, that looks yummy and I don't even really like Chinese food! So great to see your whole family. We miss y'all.

  3. ~Drooling profusely~

    That looks wonderful! Healthy, even!

    Nice job with the pics. If only my cookbooks had step by step pictures. :D

    Did you wing it, or did you have a recipe for those egg rolls? Are there eggs in the egg roll wraps?

  4. Oh yum, that looks so good! You're right, no Chinese restaurants around, which is perhaps the only thing I miss about living in the suburbs. But you got the wraps locally! Hmmm...I'll have to put egg rolls on the menu.

  5. Esther, this time I wung it. I think I started out using a recipe on the back of the package, though.
    Unfortunately, these wraps do have eggs in them. But I found a vegan blogger who said she found some non-egg wraps in the freezer section. No brand mentioned, but something to look for.

    Deb, maybe we'll have to head south for lunch together someday.

    Nancy, we miss y'all, too! I hope the recent weather left your place intact.

  6. Yea! Wehooo! Now I feel like we can make Chinese food ala Heidi. :)

    Thank you! It looks awwwwwesome!!

    I tell ya, I'm just tickled pink. Hugs & Love, Robin