Sunday, October 7

Photo shoot

To celebrate the end of our first week of school, we went on a field trip. The day was so gorgeous, we had to stop for a photo shoot on the way. It felt like a scene from The Monkees. All these were taken within about 10 minutes, then we were on our merry way. Remember, you may click on a photo to see it larger.

In the following picture, each of the children is expressing the very essence of his or her personality. What that says about Grace, I will leave to your imagination.

Here is another photo which captures their personalities.


  1. Very nice! I love looking at your pics. See, I knew you've been holding out on us!

    Are you going to frame any of The Monkees (LOL) shots? Love the profile one. :) They're all good, but that's my fave.

    Did you notice that all of your kids have perfect noses?

  2. Those are all GREAT. You're pretty good to be able to catch them all in motion for that last one! I think my favorite is the one where they are all sitting together with their arms around each other on the bleachers. :O)

  3. Thanks for sharing pics of your children, Heidi! They're just beautiful, and I love to see them so active and happy!