Friday, October 5

More September pictures

One morning, Toby and Michael were bored. They discussed a plan to set up a battle with Michael's new Playmobil knights, but it seemed like too much work. So they scrapped that plan, and decided to build a catapult in the backyard instead. I felt like we were a real homeschooling family that day!Knowing that frost was on the way, I took a picture of our corn harvest. See it? This is what happens when you plant corn in July in northern Minnesota. I don't recommend it.
Here are the girls in our corn plot... see how tall it grew?
Our poor sunflowers didn't get a chance to develop their seeds, either. But the whole family learned a lot about the rhythm of northern gardening this year, and I'm sure we'll do much better next year.

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  1. I LOVE the catapult. Y'all make us all look like a bunch of slackers! We had really short corn our first year too. It seems to need a lot of fertilizer so start planning ahead for next year. Maybe the chickens will make some of the good stuff for ya!

    Did you get my email earlier? I wasn't sure if I sent it to the right email.