Friday, October 5

Hands-on learning

We finally began working on the chicken coop in September. I think we've procrastinated as long as we possibly can on this project. As of today, it looks about the same. The guys are building stud walls in the garage, and will erect them when they're all ready. In this picture, Michael and Lynae are digging a trench around the perimeter so we can attach hardware cloth and backfill. While studying the Israelites' captivity in Egypt, we made a scaled-down version of bricks with straw. Yes, they look yummy. But they're not. They're made of modeling clay and grass. If the inside of your oven doesn't look like mine, I don't want to hear about it. I bet you're wondering why Jon is wearing a backpack. He wore it for most of that day, as an example of a heavy burden. Kinesthetic learning in action.

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