Sunday, October 21

I'm all set and ready for whatever

Except school tomorrow. Dang. Let's talk about what all I am ready for:

3. I'm ready to go trap some cool animals.

Let's talk about what I am ready for: obviously, trapping. Well, I felt like I wanted to trap rabbits this winter, so I looked at my hunting and trapping regulations, and lo, behold, I can't trap unless I have a trapping license. Weird, huh? Anyway, I really needed this trapping license dealio, so I thought... who would know about how to get one of those things? Mr. R had told me that there was a guy a few miles away from my house who was president of the MN Trapper's Association, so obviously I needed to talk to this guy. So I called Mr. M and asked him how to get a license. (continued in next paragraph)

He said I needed to take a trapper education course, but since there was no such thing in the area, he told me to call so and so to get a correspondence course.

So I did that, and I took the test afterward, and then Mr. M took me to Palisade where I had gone to camp, and had met Mr. R. I learned how to set traps and make different sets, and I was the only one who wanted to make a set by myself, so I took a fox/coyote trap and made a "dirt hole set". It was fun. Trapping season for most species opens... either yesterday or this Saturday. I can't remember. Anyway, Mr. M told me that if I want to trap, he has traps I can use, and lures, baits, and all the stuff I would need, and said not to spend my money on that stuff. Wicked cool huh?

So I need to call Mr. W and see if I could set some traps in the 83 acres behind us. If not, Mr. M offered to let me trap on his trap line with him, so I'm excited.

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  1. Hey, that's cool, Toby. My grandfather did a lot a trapping. In fact, I was wishing he was around to trap around a nearby lake which seems almost ruined from musk rats. *sigh*

    What will you do with the animals you trap?