Tuesday, October 30

About Halloween

OK, Mom has finally stopped laughing so hard she can't talk. (She was proofreading my letters to some friends.) She communicated to me that she wanted me to post this paragraph on the blog, so get ready. Mom thought it was funny, so you may want to grab something stable.

"You know, Halloween is coming, and I've been thinking about how dumb the whole thing is. I mean, if you shop at Wal-Mart (which I do), you probably don't need a calender to know Halloween is coming. If I am waiting for Mom and Lynae to come out of the hair color aisle, I see a box labeled 'Bloody Foot $3.97'. I can't even go get flour without seeing that stupid inflatable skeleton on a motorcycle. And what is with all these signs saying 'Happy Halloween'? Happy? I wish. They ought to say 'Creepier than last year's Halloween, and it'll be creepier next year!'"


  1. Hilarious, true and CREEPY!