Wednesday, October 24

Oh, what a week!

Tuesday morning, I went to the doctor for an infection which included kidney pain.

Tuesday night, I was in the ER with what seems to have been my first gall bladder attack. It was a nightmarish experience, reminiscent of laboring with Lynae (during which I basically threatened to fire my doctor... in an Army hospital). I am not a typical patient, by any means.

Today, I had a second appointment with the dietitian regarding my leap into the world of learning to control diabetes. She is very encouraging, and I felt much better after talking with her.

Tomorrow morning, I'm sending Loren and Lynae to the clinic. Loren has had his cough for two months, and still sounds awful. Lynae has had hers for a month, and it's gone from "tickly" to "congested". I have a touch of the same cough, but right now that's almost beside the point.

On Friday, I have a scheduled ultrasound to find out if Tuesday night's pain was really my gall bladder.

We may have to change our plans here soon... Christmas gifts may include removed stitches, co-pays, labs, and prescriptions.

"If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything." -- Count Rugen

The dog drama was minimal. Hospital reported to law enforcement, I got a phone call, information was filed away, if it ever happens again we may have a situation. Dog and boy are remorseful, wounds and relationships are healing.

While I was gone on Tuesday morning, the son of the person who sold us this house (and is trying to sell the 80 acres behind us) was loading his tractor and wagon onto a trailer to haul to the Cities. Toby went back to ask if he could trap on the land, and was given permission to do so. He was then offered the tractor and wagon, in exchange for letting the guy drive it around when he comes up to visit. So now Loren and Toby are learning how to operate the tractor, with help from our friendly mechanic. (Please don't ask.)

For some reason, my dear, wonderful husband thought that with two weeks' worth of rain soaked into the ground, it would be a good time to take my never-meant-to-be-taken-off-roading SUV through the field to the tractor. So tomorrow morning, the friendly mechanic will be here to pull out his co-worker's truck with a newly broken winch, as well as my truck. Maybe it will come home with less damage than it sustained when he drove it through a creek. :-)


  1. Oh man, that was a week. You really shouldn't put gall bladder, diabetes, dog bite, & mechanic all in one entry. It's just almost too much to wrap a person's mind around. But I guess you already know that, huh?

    Hang in there. As they say... This too shall pass. :O)

  2. I have to agree with Nancy, my head is reeling from all you've been through! I pray your next week is super wonderful just to counteract this one.