Wednesday, July 2

We're still here

A summer storm took out our DSL last Friday, and it's still not back up. I've been using dial up, but this house only has one semi-convenient phone jack, so I'm not online much (and the kids aren't at all). For that and other reasons, we'll be a bit scarcer than usual for a while longer. But we're still here, still doing well, still loving the variability of Minnesota summer weather, and still battling swarms of mosquitoes.


  1. Sorry to hear about your DSL. Hey, with all your mosquito experience, do you have any tips on getting mosquito bites to heal? Jake & Jon really swell up with bites and then they just don't heal well. They pretty much have scabs all summer long. Any suggestions?

  2. Sorry about your dsl! I'm glad you're still there and enjoying the summer up there. :-D

    Nancy and Heidi, my cousin swore that Preparation H reduced mosquito bite swelling. I know that vitamin C also helps reduce them since it acts as an antihystamine. Doesn't vit. C also help keep your skin healthy?



  3. antihistamine

  4. It's STILL out? Did the lightning do something to your home connection or what? And to think I was miffed because I could not get online Friday night, and we're way out in the country, and it was back by the time we got home Saturday.

    I feel for you. My Internet connection is sacred!