Saturday, July 19

Tomorrow I'm going away

Tomorrow I'm going to camp. But never fear, I'll be back on Friday. Maybe you should fear if I'll be back that soon.

The other day a long tailed weasel crossed the road in front of us while I was driving to Sandstone. That was cool.

I got sick of having to look for five minutes through my bookmarks every time I wanted to go somewhere that I had bookmarked. It took too long. Bookmarks are there to save me time, so I had to do something about it. So now my bookmarks are neatly arranged into 4 categories: Sports sites, music sites, blogs and web pages, and big kid stuff. The big kid stuff isn't anything to fret about, I just had to come up with an appropriate name for colleges and government offices and David Nasser.

Today I went to Sandstone to shoot trap. I hit 1 clay pigeon out of 6 shots, which isn't very good at all, but at least I hit 1.

I must now stop bugging you fine folks so I can rest.


  1. Toby,
    Hope you have a great time at camp. (I wasn't really worried about the "big boy stuff"...not REALLY)
    Have lots of great adventures so you can tell us about them when you get home!

  2. I was about to say "Big Kid Stuff? Huh?" :D