Thursday, July 31

I'm going away again

Later today I'm leaving for Fergus Falls and won't be back 'til Sunday. I'm going to the MN Trapper's Association rendezvous. We're gonna camp there for a few nights. I'm taking money and skins because there are going to be a lot of dealers buying and selling stuff, and once I sell my skins I'll have plenty of money to buy this fall's trapping supplies with. I might even have enough to buy some more traps at the auction.

But buying and selling isn't the real reason I'm going. Fergus Falls is too far a drive to just buy and sell stuff. There are going to be a lot of clinics on trapping where I can learn how to catch more fur and meat.

Well, I woke up at 6:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I went out to pick blueberries. I have no idea how, but my bucket got full of slugs. I've never had that problem before. I had to keep pulling slugs out of my bucket, and don't think I enjoyed that.


  1. Toby,

    Hope you have a great time at Fergus Falls.
    Maybe the slugs were already in the bucket when you started...just a thought. How high are the blueberry bushes? I know slugs can climb, but it seems like a lot of effort unless your berries are exceptionally tasty, which of course, they could be!

    Love you...

  2. We actually caught our first animal in a trap ever today - a possum! It was snacking on our chicken's eggs and making a general nuisance of itself.

    Now the dogs are driving IT nuts barking at it. heh heh No more Carter chicken eggs for him!