Monday, July 7

Last night I drove in the dark

I drove us home from Moose Lake last night. It was about 10:00, and I drove home on 61 and 43. I used my high beams, but I still didn't go faster than 50 miles per hour. During the daytime, I have no problem going 55, but in the dark is trickier.

I've caught 2 more skunks since I last wrote. I was consistently catching them too far back, so I moved the trigger wires closer together, which may also deter raccoons which could be attracted to my set. This way the skunks who get caught will be caught in a more desirable location.

Today I became a member of the kdnw listener advisory board. It was pretty easy, I just listened to music and rated it. Now that Chip Ingram is over, they're playing Matthew West. Sweet.

The other day I got a call from Mr. Nathan, my driver's ed instructor. He heard that I had gotten my permit, and he was surprised that I hadn't signed up for behind the wheel yet. Well, on July 12 I'm gonna do my first session of behind the wheel. It's 2 hours of driving. I might go on the freeway, but then maybe not. I'm perfectly comfortable driving at 55 on county roads, so maybe I'll be comfortable going 65 or 70 on the freeway.

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