Friday, May 16

Here's what makes my stomach hurt

I've been sitting on this quote from The Common Room for over a week:

I think of the problems with CPS much like the arguments from those who try to say that slavery wasn't such a bad thing- I know, I know, this seems wacky, but bear with me a minute. Not all slave-owners were bad, they say. Southerners are known for their hospitality, how could they have been cruel? Many slave owners loved their slaves, they'll say. There are those who would dispute that, but my claim has always been that it doesn't matter- the system itself, the institution, the way the laws were written, were fundamentally flawed. As long as CPS does not have to abide by the Bill of Rights we have created a special class of government that does not have the checks and balances it ought to have. Are there good and noble CPS employees, foster parents, and judges- of course. Are there horrific and abusive parents who should not be in the same house with their own children? Absolutely. Should we have a special class of crime for which you are guilty until proven innocent and can be punished by the worst sentence a parent can face- losing your children? No.
I keep coming back to this as I read her frequent updates on the FLDS raid in Texas.


  1. This subject gets my blood pressure up faster than anything else in the news right now. Seriously. We even have a rule that Mom isn't allowed to talk about this around me on Sundays because it's my day of rest :)

    What's going on there is just a step away from happening to us. You let this case set a precident that the GOV. can come take kids away simply because they don't like the belief system of the parents and we're next.

  2. This subject gets me all het up, too. It was discussed at length in our adoption classes and I was so disgusted I nearly walked out (as did my husband).

    I am eager to read more.

    I just love your blog.