Monday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day, indeed.

Last night we ate supper in the living room while we watched The Last Sin Eater. (Second time I'd seen it, and talking about it afterward still made me cry.)

When I left the room for a moment, Jon helped himself to more food. We have a standing rule against Jon doing that very thing, because he still has gorging tendencies. A while later, I paused the movie so trays could be taken to the kitchen. Jon gave a look like I'd just taken his best friend. I ignored that, and we moved on.

At 1am, I cleaned up a nasty mess on the stairs. (sigh) Natural consequences in action.

Ah well. This morning I'm enjoying the rose-breasted grosbeaks, goldfinches, purple finches, and bluejays out my window. Oh, and a deer just ran across the field. It feels like a pat on the shoulder from God.


  1. I am so sorry that you had to clean that up on Mother's Day! Yuck! You are such a good mom!

    I haven't seen that movie. I'm going to have to do so now. Here in a sec, I'll check out Netflix for it.

    Blessings to you!

  2. So that's where my Rose-breasted Grosbeaks went!


    Are you taking good care of them? Tee hee hee!

    Have a wonnnderful Wednesday, my friend. :) Hugs, Robin