Thursday, May 29

The computer shopping is over

Dell is building my kick-butt laptop as I type.

I'm nervous.

I think our first computer cost more than this one, but it's still a lot of money to shell out for something I will pretty much be the only one using. Of course, it will still be used for the good of the whole family, but only by me.

OTOH, I'm excited.

I remember all the times I took the kids to the playground and spread papers all over in the truck while I was planning a school semester... I can do that, grading, all sorts of stuff while we're on the go. Not that we have the time or gas money to go anywhere anymore. But still! I can move about the house, at the very least, and even that will be a huge blessing to all who live here. I know the kids get tired of sitting in the bedroom so I can supervise them while I work. And also, this computer will be a vast upgrade from the one I'm currently using.

Now I must ask you, dear readers... how long does it really take for Dell to build and ship a computer, in your experience?


  1. When I ordered mine it was here in less than 5 days. That was 5 years ago. It's about time for a new one for me too...but I have other things pressing right now. Congrats on your new work horse!

  2. Mine wasn't a cutom-made one, but I remember getting it in under a week. It got here before they even told me it would!

    I think you will SO love the laptop thing. It has made a WORLD of difference for me.

    It might make it a little too easy to stay on it too much in fact. grin.

  3. It took less than a week. I want to say 4 - 5 days. Whatever it was, all three times, it took less time than they said.