Friday, May 30

Ah, the joys of spring in the land of 10,000 lakes

The mosquitoes have arrived. In fact, my dryer is full of them. I'm afraid to open it and subject myself to further misery. In Googling the problem, I found that Bounce dryer sheets are supposed to repel mosquitoes. I suppose I knew that once upon a time. I also suppose it's at least slightly less toxic than DEET, which I've been known to lovingly spray all over my dear children. My current wondering, though, is whether the use of Bounce dryer sheets will keep the mosquitoes out of my dryer. Unfortunately, I would have to open the dryer to insert the dryer sheet, exposing us to the hideous beasts right here in our living space, where they have no business being. I can, of course, run the dryer and kill them before opening it, but that's just silly. I will resort to silly if I have to, but I'd rather not. And besides, then I've got a dryer full of dead mosquitoes. Eww.

The garden is planted, but we had to cover it for the two nights of frost we just had. Everything seems to have survived, and some of the plants are perking up nicely (namely dandelions). I know this because I went out there in long pants and long sleeves (which I hate to wear, even in winter). Unfortunately, I forgot to wear gloves. I came in with 4 mosquito bites on my hands.

The crabapple tree is in bloom. (Grace thought it was "minisuckle".) I love watching the hummingbirds in the tree. But really, don't you think they look like well-fed mosquitoes?

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  1. A dryer full of mosquitoes? Now that's something I've never heard of! I suppose they happened to find that warm area to gather...Maybe if you throw a dryer sheet in there and do nothing else, they'll be repelled by it and escape?

    I have lived here five years, and I don't think I've ever seen the mosquitoes as bad as they have been, JUST THIS LAST WEEK!