Wednesday, May 7

I noticed Jon tonight

I noticed that he has adorable dimples when he smiles. He does it so rarely, I was surprised to see them.

Loren wanted to reward the kids for helping haul the rest of the junk out of the woods, so we went to Dairy Queen and let them get whatever they wanted for supper, even if it was only a dessert. (We do go to DQ occasionally, but often order a treat for the kids that's not too messy.) Jon ordered a waffle bowl sundae. I watched him start eating, since his was one of the first to be served. His hands were shaking. He practically dove into it, standing over it to reach the far side and scoop up one big spoonful after another.

I reminded him that he could slow down, no one else would be eating it. I told him to take "bite-sized bites" and enjoy each one before taking another. Amazingly enough, he did. That makes it a good day.


  1. These are moments to treasure!

  2. Those kinds of surprises are nice, aren't they? I'm glad you caught it. :)