Thursday, April 5

We "passed" the test!

As a first generation homeschooling parent, I remember how we were taught in public school. I also remember doing very well on standardized tests each year. But when it came to having my own children tested for the first time a few weeks ago, I was very nervous. There's so much we haven't covered, and so much we've only covered briefly. How would my children handle the challenge of a timed test? We haven't done timed tests at home in several years, and then it was only simple math facts.

I prepared Toby, Lynae, and Jon for the test by describing it, showing them a sample online, and going over a few handy tricks I'd learned as a kid. I also let them know that it wasn't a pass/fail type of test, and the only way they could "fail" would be to do less than their best. Toby was confident he'd do well. Lynae was nervous. Jon was hard to read. He might do his best, or he might take the opportunity to be a booger. So I just reminded him that if he did very poorly, the state would require him to receive additional testing (to determine whether he had a learning disorder).

I drove the kids 45 minutes to the test site, where they began earlier each morning than we usually roll out of bed. The first day we were there for 6 hours, and the second day was 5 hours. Then we waited to receive the results in the mail.

We received the results this week. I needn't have worried; they each did their best. Jon's scores were right where I cautiously hoped they'd be. Lynae got over her nerves and scored as well as a "typical" high schooler. And Toby's grade equivalent for nearly every section of the test was "PHS" -- post high school. So there ya go. Each child's strengths and challenges showed up accurately in the scores. Other than that, these test results don't mean a heck of a lot in the grand scheme of things, and they don't even need to be reported to the school. But testing is required by the state each year, so we did it. And by golly, we survived it. So next year, I can forego the stress. Now that is something to get excited about!


  1. Wow Heidi, that's fabulous. Good for you. What a wonderful affirmation of the teaching and training that you have been doing at home... that and the fact that God gave you some really bright kids!

  2. High school and post high school! That's great!! See? What have your friends and probably Justin been telling you all along!