Thursday, April 26

Name That Plant

Some of my favorite posts have been those where I'm invited to identify stuff. I don't usually post the answer since someone else already has, but anyway...

Here are some of the plants I found today on my stroll around the house. I think I know some of them, but I could be wrong. Do you know what these are?


I've also found chives by my back door, tulips which are about to open, and another flower I will share with you later if I have time to get out my tripod.


    scilla siberica

  2. this looks like a good site:

    E looks like horseradish.

  3. The first one looks like Columbine but it's hard to tell from the angle. Are the leaves like this or this?

    C looks like a trumpet vine I've seen in the neighborhood. I'm not sure if the leaves are different or if they're just immature in the picture.

    The last one looks like Comfrey. That can be used like you would use aloe.

  4. By golly, that does look like scilla siberica. In fact, I'm now thinking both blue flowers are the same thing. The ones which haven't open get a lot less sun, which might explain the difference in bloom time.

    Thanks for the wildflower site link!

    I sure wouldn't mind if C is trumpet vine.

    I know we have horseradish here, but I'm not yet sure where it is. Will keep an eye on E and see if it is horseradish or comfrey.

    Thank you!

  5. I love Squill!