Sunday, April 1

This week on the homestead

It will continue raining until the rain turns to snow. What a lovely mess that will make! We're discovering the extent of our basement leakage. We found two sump pumps and a box fan down there when we moved in, with everything else up on bricks, so we knew this was coming. Hopefully the rains will significantly lessen the drought conditions.

Our chick order has been placed. I have until May 7th to draw up coop plans and submit them to the city council in order to get a building permit, then get to building the coop. I think we'll actually start the chicks in the garage, so that will buy us a little building time.

Unlike the past several years, this week we packed up some of the winter clothes and unpacked the summer clothes. Yes, we're enjoying actual spring weather rather than going from chilly to hot in one swell foop. Have you ever switched out clothes for seven people? It looks like our closets threw up. Thank goodness it's only temporary!


  1. Gotta love those vomiting closets! lol

    It's funny you should say that about packing up some of the winter clothes. I was just thinking yesterday about how we can't pack up all of the winter clothes until about June or July, and then it's with some hesitation. That's why Northern houses need to have more than average closet space.

  2. Actually I'm trying to do one vomiting closet at a time myself. Ha!

    Enjoy your chicks. What did you order?

  3. We only did two people each day, but I guess we weren't as organized as it would sound.

    I ordered 6 Partridge Cochin$ (5 f, 1 m), 6 Araucanas (f), 4 Rose Comb Brown Leghorns (3 f, 1 m), 5 New Hampshire Reds (f), and 4 Silver Spangled Hamburgs (f). I decided to hold off on the turkeys, ducks, and geese until next spring.

  4. Gosh! That's quite a variety. Maybe you can have Tobe blog about the differences. When I think of chickens, I think "white". My Grandma had chickens. "Oh really? What kind?" "The white kind."

    I hope you know I'm living my homesteading life vicariously through you.