Wednesday, April 18

Amused curiosity, that's all...

You're sitting near a man you used to know, occasionally making small talk during the lecture to which you are listening. He removes his wedding band and starts twirling it around on his pencil. You suppose he's:

a) making a statement.
b) bored.
c) got a weird habit, probably one his wife doesn't appreciate.

It was killing me not to ask him. LOL


  1. I vote "C"!


  2. LOL

    You're a hoot!

    I hope you are doing well, dear Heidi. I think about you bunches and wish I was there to see all those neat deer and birds and, well, just to see you again and talk to you.

    Love Lynae's new hair cut! She's getting a letter from a certain spawn of mine. Did I just say spawn?

    Have a wonnnnnderful Wednesday. :) Hugs, Robin