Tuesday, October 6


I've got a few friends, in fact if you're reading this you are probably experiencing one of the side effects of being one of my friends and should talk to your doctor immediately. Truth be told, I have way more than a few friends... I actually recently crossed the threshold of 1,900 friends on Facebook. And I'm making more all the time. The MN Trappers Association has welcomed me and given me a column in the quarterly magazine, and just last week they gave me the privilege or doing a weasel trapping demo. As a result, I am meeting a lot of great folks from across MN all the time, adding to my cache of friends.

I decided that "the good ol' days" are a pile of nonsense. When were the good ol' days? Basically any time one was hanging out with one's friends preceding the present time. Am I right? Isn't that why just about everybody loves "The Music Man"? Because we certainly don't love it for its morals!

I have made a short list of some good times I remember fondly, roughly in chronological order, for your enjoyment. Many of my readers will remember some of thes times as well:
The Youngs' house on Wednesday nights for Bible study
PACHEK meetings
Duck "Hunting" in the rain
Primo Voce
Sunday afternoons at Solid Rock
4H Livestock judging, especially at the Western Rivers Expo
Building PACHEK float for the Christmas parade
Trip one, stopping in NY and KY
Trip two, stopping in NY to surprise all the relatives
MTA conventions
Hiking and canoe trips 3 hours north of here
WI convention
MTA district meetings
Goofing off on Sunday afternoon just the other day... especially when we found a 220 conibear trap


  1. Ah, Wednesday nights at the Youngs. Good times.

  2. Wednesday night at the Youngs... that is such a pleasant memory. I literally feel warm in my belly just thinking of it. Thanks for the reminder.