Thursday, September 24


I recently went to Oregon to visit with some friends. I was super excited to be going because not only was this my first trip all by myself (which made me feel grown up), but it was also the first time I had seen my best friend in almost 4 years. Well, best besides Toby.

Well, in the nice good while that I was there, I spent almost every minute allowed with my dear friend Christa. We talked about everything we could think of about what had happened in the 4 years that we had been apart, and still had more to say. And sometime in there, probably while we were laying on the rocks silently enjoying the sunshine, I realized that we had really built a strong relationship over the years.

I mean, we have known each other for like 10 years, but we were never really "friends" until she moved away, because then we started writing as often as we could, sending our messy scribbles across the country to someone who treasured every word. At first, we were still starting to get to know each other, but after a while, we were able to laugh at each other's jokes and trust each other to keep our little secrets. And guess what? When I moved a year after that, I knew that I wouldn't be losing her because as long as I had her address, we could still keep in touch just fine.

As we spent that quiet time together, I realized that after those years, we had built a relationship. Not out of friendship bracelets and sayings like "You're my BFF!", but from paying attention to one another and making sure the other person knew how much we really cared. Sure, it took a long time. It took 10 years! But we both kept working at it for the other person's sake, and look where we're at now!

I love and miss you my dear sweet friend!


  1. That's wonderful, Lynae. So neat that you all have been able to get to know each other even better through writing letters. I'm glad you all got to enjoy a nice long visit this summer.

  2. This gave my heart the warm fuzzies.

  3. I, too, have a best friend. We met when we were both only 4 years old. She lived about a mile up the road from where we moved to Mercer from New Hampshire. We are still best friends today --over 50 years later. She now lives in Florida , but comes to Maine every year and we get toghether. We send Christmas and birthday cards--both our birthdays are in February. You can ask dad about my friend Jan. She and her husband adopted 6 chiuldren and had one natural child together. LOL grammie Martin