Monday, January 12

Winter Activities

As you know, there are a lot of different activities that people do in the Winter. These range from snowmobiling to ice fishing. We all have certain favorites, often based on our varying lifestyles, that tell others a lot about ourselves. For instance, there could be someone that enjoys going north from the cities to go skiing, while someone else prefers to stay in their home watching the birds.

Our family has seven people that all enjoy certain things.

  • Grace loves making little snowmen, and going skating on our little pond.
  • Michael likes having snowball fights and sledding.
  • Jonathan likes duking random stuff out with Mike and having snowball fights.
  • I find pleasure in shoveling and sledding(what a nerd!).
  • Toby likes building giant snow forts (yes, I will show some pictures) and walking across town to check traps.
  • The parents prefer to stay inside watching the birds and the football games.
Just by looking at a group of activities, and picking out the ones that different people enjoy, we can gather quite a bit of insight about their personalities. These things all reflect who we are. Grace is a child at heart, Mike and Jon are boys who love having someone else their own size to play/wrestle with. Toby likes doing big important things, and I prefer simple tasks and traditional play, and the parents enjoy being inside enjoying the wonderfulness of Winter.

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  1. You have so many activites, i only have yoga.