Sunday, January 18

I got myself an unlikely new disciple for my cause...

Well I've had a couple of my traps in the house the past week or two, for pictures and whatnot. Last night my baby sister, who is now 6, saw me firing a #1 on my hand without flinching or anything, and she came in to watch me do it some more. Then I told her to try it because I knew it wouldn't hurt her, but she was pretty nervous. I told her she could put her hand in her sleeve to fire the trap if she wanted, so she tried it and she didn't feel any pain, so I told her to try it with bare hands.

She was kinda nervous, she wanted me to give her all my money if it hurt her, so I said I would. She fired it on her hand and started laughing.

I hope that she tells all her friends, especially if she meets any people who are animal rights folks, because if a 6 year old feels no pain in a trap, which, by the way, I used for mink and muskrat earlier this year, then is there any reason that an animal would feel pain?

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