Monday, January 26

-10° in Frigid, Minnesota

It takes longer to clear the frost from the inside of the windshield than the outside.

People here can leave their cars running while they run into the post office... or the grocery store.

And the bagger will still take the groceries out to your car without a coat on.

Back at home, the wandering pup can be sent out to "be quick" by himself; he won't stay out any longer than necessary.

When sent outside to play, the kids will probably decide to come in after just one pair of snow-filled mittens, rather than changing into a second pair and going back out. And the 6yo will probably leave her hat on her head instead of leaving it in a tunnel of the snow fort.

The humid air blowing out the dryer vent causes it to snow on my kitchen windows.

What's not to love about that?

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