Wednesday, January 7


Winter is a wonderful, enjoyable season, full of snow, sledding, fights and forts, and school. I generally do not participate in the snow fort building festivities, as I prefer shoveling off our tiny pond so that we can go skating.

Toby is usually the one in charge of doling out sections of our biggest snowbank, and building a snow fort which he then is happy to share with me(he's so sweet!). This year he built a huge snow fort, which is really more like a mansion without a roof. He even made seats for himself and I, dug out of the sides of the thick walls, which were given an appropriate but redundant name a few years ago by Grace which stuck: buttseats.
This year Toby outdid himself by building a snow fort with a moat, a courtyard, a watch tower, a keep, and all connected by a three way tunnel. He also decided that the old fashioned open doorway was too difficult to defend from strangers and little siblings, so he filled it in and dug another tunnel for the main doorway. Thankfully, he respects the fact that I'm scared of going into small tunnels, lest I get stuck, so he made the two in this fort nice and roomy. Pictures of this amazing structure will be forthcoming.


  1. Can't wait to see the pics. Sounds awesome!

  2. Sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see the pictures either!