Saturday, January 24

Believing in change

It seems I keep hearing Obama supporters say that now that he is president, "we" have hope, can come together and work to improve this country, etc. What were they who call themselves "we" doing before? Were they not helping the poor, the elderly, the sick, the less fortunate by giving of their time, talent, and money? Were they so busy sucking lemons they couldn't see past their own wants and complaints?

How curious that conservatives have more of a reputation for giving to charity than liberals, regardless of income level. Just who is looking out for "the little guy", and who has been passing that responsibility off to the government?

I must echo much of what the Headmistress had to say today:

It's just not that difficult to take the family to a nursing home, to package up supplies to send to hurricane victims, to take a bunch of games to a local childrens' home to play, to bring baby clothes and diapers to a homeless shelter or a crisis pregnancy center, to package toys, school supplies, and goodies in a shoebox to send to children in Mexico for Christmas, to bake cookies or muffins and take them to the older people at church- these things are not painful, not terribly inconvenient or burdensome (so much the contrary that it's embarrassing to mention them)- and you don't need the President to tell you do these things.

Or you shouldn't.
My family and I have done many of those same things, and others as well. With one income. And the busyness of homeschooling. And involving a child with special needs. That doesn't mean we're rich, or special, or have more time on our hands than anyone else. We all find the time and money for that which is important to us.

I am surprised and disappointed that it has taken so many Americans until now to feel they had permission to serve others. Especially those who claim Jesus as their Lord. (Did they read the handbook?)

Just imagine where this country would be now if the Obama followers had been helping others for the past eight (or more) years rather than sitting around waiting for the government to issue more handouts. If only they had believed in this kind of change all along.

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  1. Heidi,
    You always bring such neat insights and eloquently say things that I feel, but can't quite put my finger on.