Thursday, June 5

Wireless networks

Now there's something I take for granted. And I like it that way. I want my wireless connections to work and not give them another thought.

But alas, it seems this is not to be, at least not anytime soon. In the meantime, I will continue to move forward. It just won't be as far forward, since I'll be connected to this silly ethernet cable.

When this is all over, though, I plan to have the loud computer moved across the house to the dining room, and will be able to do everything except floss my teeth with this laptop.

Maybe the rain will be over by then.


  1. How frustrating! Heidi, can you tell me about your new laptop? I'm going to be buying one from Dell soon also.

  2. Goodness! I'm having the same problem! I just put Linux on my computer, so I have a double boot. My wireless works fine with windows but refuses to work with Unbuntu. *grumbles* And I can't seem to figure it out.