Monday, June 9

Random Happenings

Well, it's June. It has finally gotten dry enough for mowing. Thanks to gas prices though, we will be mowing only about half of our huge lawn. Part of me wants to leap for joy at the thought of all those hours I would have spent toiling in the hot sun cutting grass. Another part of me wants to lie down and weep at the thought of watching half our lawn turn into a vast stretch of swamp. I suppose I'll get over it though.

Spring is still behind a little, but the lilacs are blooming, the blueberry bushes are flowery, and the beloved gooseberries are taking form. The shade garden is beautiful and I love the look the ferns give it.

I went out running earlier and strangely enough, the mosquitoes gave me a great idea for another play. As you probably don't already know, I sometimes get great ideas for skits, and decide to enact them with my siblings. I would have us act this particular one out, but alas, I don't have nearly enough actors on hand, so that one will have to wait for our children.

Well, my birthday is coming up and for the first time since I was eight, I actually know what I want! I would ask for the collected writings of Jane Austen, but I already have that. I would also ask for a corset and/or some petticoats, but I tried that at Christmas, and Mom said I probably wouldn't like them much. Still, I think I'll get myself some...someday. Instead I asked for a camera. I don't really care what kind I get, but I promised my friends pictures of our house, and I can't take pictures without a camera. So if I don't get a camera, I will just jolly well buy one!


  1. Lynae,
    I understand about not being able to mow all the lawn you would like to, due to gas prices. I decided to mow just as much, but not quite as often. This makes for harder mowing and more bogging down of the mower, but I get the satisfaction of having the lawn I want. Plus, there are less hiding places for ticks!
    Love you.

  2. Ewww, yuck. Ticks! You have a smart Nana.

    Have you guys considered letting someone graze their cow in your yard now and then? Seems like cleaning up cow pies might be cheaper than gas and less yucky than ticks. Diatomaceous earth works good for dealing with ticks, too, or so I hear, and it is inexpensive. I know that it is good for getting rid of ants.

    I understand about the relief about not having so much to mow, though.

    Too bad about not having enough siblings. ;) I would love to have seen your skit! Be sure to write it down for later.

    I can't believe you're almost 13 years old! When did that happen?? :)

  3. We'll be sure to spread some diatomaceous earth around the yard. Next year we will probably get some goats, and if gas prices get much higher we might consider getting horses!

  4. Cameras are truly terrific gifts! I got a digital camera with easy to use manual setting options as a gift from my husband after I packed our house in Washington to move to Georgia. That gift has been one of his best! I love it!

    Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see your pictures!