Thursday, June 26

There's a bat in my rain barrel

No kidding. It keeps climbing up on the rocks to stay dry. The rocks are in the rain barrel to keep it from blowing away, but any bat'll tell ya that's not all they're good for. He's alive, he can't fly for some reason, he hates the water, and he doesn't want to be disturbed. He's got an ugly little face with ugly little teeth, and fangs, and he's got amazingly strong thumbs. Weird huh?

OK, so as you already know, today is Thursday. To summarize the whole thing, I got a piece of paper which certifies that I failed the test. That was a joke. Actually, everything was pretty good. I got there, waited in line for a few hours... or did it just feel like hours? Anyway, after an obnoxiously long time, I finally got my test. I took my test. I sat in a green chair while someone corrected my test, and then I found out I only got 5 wrong. That means I passed. Then I went and filled out an application for a permit. I got my picture taken. I got my temporary permit and drove us home. I only ended up in the shoulder 5 or 6 times, and there are NO DENTS in the truck. Not that I put there today anyway.


  1. Great job, Toby!
    Love you...

  2. Congratulations, Toby! :-D How exciting!